No Matter What EP

by Strike Fast

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Recorded Sep. 2013 at Satellite Studios
Mixed and mastered by Armand Anthony


released March 11, 2014



all rights reserved


Strike Fast Ventura, California


Liam - Vocals
Luis - Guitar
JP - Bass
Joey - Drums

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Track Name: No Matter What
Copy and paste, thats what you do best
You fucking fail when you’re put to the test
Think you can stop us – Don’t you try
Take this from us – Not this time
This isnt just a game to me
And we wont always agree
But I got your back if you got mine
Waited enough, I’ve got nothing to hide
Rid this world, aim focus on us
Do it ourselves, we fucking must
Up and down, through thick and thin
I’ll be here til the bitter end
I have learned again and again
To never ever fucking give in
If theres one thing I’ve gained from it all
Its to strike fast and stand up tall
Track Name: Stick Out
Break away from the rest of the pack
Dont sell yourself short for what they lack
Be your fucking best
Stick out from the rest
Only you know who you are
Dont quit now when you’ve made it this far
Dare to be so much more than this – Stick out!
Put it on the line and take the risk – Stick out!
Track Name: Glory Days
Your head is in the clouds
Stuck in the past, thats the least I can say
Just fitting a mold that is decades old
Live in the now because this is today
This is my submission to the suggestion box
I may preach to my own choir
But I can walk the walk
Reminiscing on the glory days that you never knew
Talkin bout all the hard times that you never went through
The praise of the old is nothing new
Another year goes by and you think the same way
I’ve heard it before from others like you
Live in the now because this is today
Track Name: Take A Look Around
All you do is point the finger as far as I can tell
Since you think you’ve got me figured out
You should figure out yourself
You’ll never make it through – Thats the truth
Youre a fake just like the rest – Heres the fucking proof
You’ve proved me wrong time and time again
Cause you cant back the words you say
I think its time you take a look around
And see the finger is pointed the other way
Track Name: Time's Up
These days are too long to spare
Its so easy not to care
Ive wasted enough time as it is
Too many excuses with nothing to give
I can see the value in the time that Ive got
So make the most of your only shot before…
Your time is up!
Cutting the shit and setting straight
No I wont let selfishness get in my way
Ive got one thing in my sight
And no one can hold me back this time
Every day is yours for you to take
Make a change, dont see it waste away
The time is now so dont walk away
Set your sights and think straight
Track Name: Homegrown
Days spent here are the ones that last
Where we’ve learned it all standing back to back
No matter if I try, I cant let go
Of this one true place that I call home
Reaching out for something more
To take it back and settle the score
Coursing through my veins
Your town or mine, we’re one in the same
These are the streets that cross my mind
Where Ive been let down and grew a spine
Even if I tend to stray
I can feel it in my core I’ll never turn away
Growing strong, grown as one
Breaking the curse til the fight is won
In this place that I call home
That I cant let go